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My boutique accounting company has had the pleasure and the benefit of working with Dr Ken Byrne since the 1980s. Ours is a service organisation, wholly based on client relationships.I am delighted that Ken has distilled the essence of his hiring philosophy into this no-nonsense volume. The early sections on leadership are especially powerful; I could almost hear Steve Jobs as I was reading the material. Our experience is that people looking for a job are not to be confused with people sincerely wishing to follow a career or a vocation. We have had quite a few smart people who have been more focused on their own careers, but have been half-hearted in their motivation to help clients. What is paramount is the desire to do a good job for clients; Ken’s book points us in the right direction here.

George Dingli, Chartered Accountant

Ken Byrne has provided a Rosetta Stone that clarifies the seemingly complex hieroglyphics of hiring the best candidate. A practical guide. Easy to read. An indispensable tool that will improve hiring decisions.

Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D. The Milton H, Erickson Foundation.

If you are looking for sound, practical advice on the most important decision you can make as an owner or a manager of a business – how to make good hiring decisions – this book provides it. Ken has shared a lifetime of learning on this subject to save readers making the mistakes that most people make when hiring. Easy and interesting to read and even easier to successfully apply.

Michael Ryan Managing Director

A great guide geared mostly toward employers who want to find the perfect employee for that perfect job. It looks behind the curtains to find out more about the prospective employee, those things that could make the difference between a good worker and someone who will leave - or will be fired - very shortly.

B. Maria

Great advice on really practical issues around hiring staff. Gold. One person found this helpful


Seeing Behind the Job Applicant's Mask Before You Hire by Dr. Ken Byrne is an amazing wake up call for executives and organizational leaders. In a brief, readable volume, filled with stories, illustrations, and principles gained from over 40 years as a corporate psychologist, the reader is shown how dangerous the normal hiring practice usually is today. In response to this often ignored reality, Dr. Byrne quickly shares practical, proven advice on the hiring process in a compelling way. This is a book corporate and organizational leaders will be grateful for having read, absorbed and employed. It can also quickly help you take your hiring process to the next level through incorporating what he suggests. What more can you ask of a guide like this from someone who really knows the hiring process?

Satisfied Customer

A great read. So many of these ideas seem to be common sense, unfortunately common sense isn’t common. Really highlights the pressures placed on managers to find the quickest cheapest path to hire and the real costs involved in a bad hire. Will be sharing this gold!

Amazon Customer