So, what’s the deal?

I am absolutely confident that if you read Seeing Behind the Job Applicant’s Mask, and apply the tools that are described, you will save thousands of times the cost of the book.

How can I be so confident?

For the last thirty-five year I have been training thousands of people to use these tools. I know the kind of feedback we can expect.

At a recent workshop someone attended who actually had been using these tools. At the end of the day she announced to the group: “This stuff REALLY WORKS!” She continued “We had one hiring mistake after another. Finally, our boss said ‘I’ve had enough! We’re going to use Ken’s system.’

Since then we’ve hired seven people and all of them have been stars.

“We also uncovered things about people who looked good, and who we would probably have hired have in the past. When we saw what they were really like though, the decision was easy.”

This is just one of hundreds of responses we’ve had over the years.


So, I’m assuming you have read the book, and have used the techniques to assess five applicants. If at that stage you don’t believe that your investment was a good one, send me the book back.

I will cheerfully refund what you paid for it, with no questions asked.

As a favor to me I would appreciate some feedback on what you felt was unhelpful, but this is NOT a requirement.

Send the book to me at (Post office Box # to be suppled)