Chapter Overview

Chapter 1

Leadership and Hiring

  • The First Job of a Leader
  • Sample Vision Statements
  • Whal Do YouNeedNext?
  • The Importance of Planning
  • The Problem Performer
  • The Opportunity Cost
  • The Rewards of Diligent Hiring
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 2

The Challenge of Hiring

  • How to Begin the Hiring Process
  • The Five Lacks Found in (Almost) Every Hiring Process
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 3

First Decide What You Need

  • Ten Job Assessment Questions
  • Five Steps for Putting A Job Assessment into Practical Terms
  • A Simple Summary
  • Considerations for introducing Psychological Assessement
  • Ten Questions for Salespeople Selling a Test
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 4

Create a Compelling Attraction Strategy

  • Fishing in the Right Pond
  • What’s Attractive about You
  • Ten Common Psychological Rewards People Expect from Their Jobs
  • The Danger of Having Only One Candidate
  • The Secret to Athacting the Best Applicants
  • Twelve High-Value Strategies for Attracting the Best Candidates
  • Four Necessary but Needed Lower-Quality Attraction Strategies
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 5

Designing a Foolproof Selection Process

    • Why You Need a Structured Approach
    • The Challenge ofa Structured Selection System
    • Formulating a Selection Process: What Doesn’t Work
    • Formulating a Selection Process: What Does Work
    • The Power of Combining Tools
    • A Simple Summary

Chapter 6

Basic Interview Concepts
Who Should Be On the Interview Panel

  • The Best Venue
  • Six Key Principles for Conducting an Effective Interview
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 7

Advanced Interview Concepts

  • The Basic Interview
  • The Next Step
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 8

Checking References
Arranging the Reference Check Phone Call

  • Understanding the Dynamics of a Reference Check
  • Opening the Phone Call
  • Ten Important Questions to Ask Referees
  • Gathering Additional Data
  • Seven Guidelines for Reference Checking
  • References from Your Competitor
  • Meeting the Referee
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 9

The Role of Intuition

  • Intuition Defined
  • Where Does [t Come From?
  • Suspicions about Intuition
  • Using Intuition in Hiring Decision
  • Using Intuition in Hiring Decision
  • Two Powerful Questions for Translating Gut Feeling
  • A Simple Summary

Chapter 10

Making the Final Decision

  • Why People Succeed at Work
  • Ten Requirements for People Who Staff a Recruitment Process
  • Nine Steps to Guide Your Hiring Decisions
  • Two Traps To Beware Of

Chapter 11

Some Closing Thoughts

  • Two Steps for Initiating aNew Hiring Practice
  • Three Common Examples of Resistance
  • Managing Resistance
  • Six Questions to Ask Those Who See No Need for Change
  • Be Persistent
  • A Simple Summary