SNPR Trading Philosophy

Trading like a sniper instead of a machine gun is our motto. We lay down the fundamentals of trading, helping individuals that don’t know where to start. We established this company to help aspiring traders not only profit in the stock market, but also learn and have a life long skill that will help change your life forever.

Meet The Founders

Ben Hadden | CEO & FOUNDER

Ben is the founder of stock trading 101. He’s been trading for over 3 years. He has such a drive and passion for Stock Trading that he wanted to teach people and show them the power of creating an income from anywhere in the world. Ben also takes care of everything admin, content, digital, product and more whilst further progressing his career as a trader and a business owner. Ben’s trading journey was extremely up and down. He tried many different strategies and ways of learning until he finally mastered his own strategy and took full advantage of the patterns he has found and can fully understand. Now he wants to help you by teaching you these exact patterns and strategies.