Your business destiny depends on the quality of people you hire. How much did your last hiring mistake cost?
Did it help your credibility or dent it?

Whether you’re the CEO of a start-up, the leader of a small company, or a staffing professional or senior executive in a large corporation – when selecting employees, you can’t afford to hire the next problem.

What you need to know?

Would you like to learn what a corporate psychologist with forty years experience knows about hiring? Dr. Ken Byrne tells you what you need to know. This book is filled with realistic suggestions for improving hiring practices. Clear, practical, and easy to read, these are just a few of the areas you’ll learn about:

Six Immutable Laws About Hiring

The Five Lacks That Characterize Most Hiring

The Key to Creating A Compelling Attraction Strategy

Formulating a Selection Process: What Works and What Doesn’t

Ten Essential Questions to Ask Every Referee

Translating “Gut Feel” into Something Really Useful

Two Persistent Hiring Traps That Await the Unwary

Bottom line is: no matter where you work, you can’t afford to hire the next problem.

This book comes with a money back guarantee. And, for purchasers of this book Ken has written an additional chapter. Go to www.avoidhiringthenextproblem.com

Dr. Ken Byrne has been a corporate psychologist since 1979. His clients have ranged from large multinationals to small businesses. Over the last forty years, he has personally evaluated more than three thousand job applicants ranging from candidates for CEO and Board positions, senior and middle level managers, sales people and sales managers and specialist staff.


Ken is widely sought after as a speaker and trainer in the area of improving the accuracy of hiring decisions.


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